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PAINT BOOTH (Customizable)

LAUNCHER Paint Booth is a customizable high efficiency, cost-effective paint booth providing the highest quality solution for painting automotive vehicles and parts. Excellent lighting and over spray capture generate flawless paint finishes and increased productivity.

  • All panels are 18 ga. satin coated powder coated

  • All roof stiffeners are 12 ga. steel with double layers

  • Twelve light fixtures 4’ x 2’, 110V with clear tempered glass (All lights are outside-accessible)

  • Exhaust fans 34˝ diameter, 3 Hp Motor 575 V / 3 ph, 60Hz

  • Entrance door 11’H x 10’W

  • One man door with view window

  • Heated air make-up unit is required to supply replacement air for paint booth exhaust fans

  • 80˚F temperature rise in spray mode, 160˚F temperature rise in bake mode

  • Natural gas

  • Customization

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