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LAUNCH TECH USA & LAUNCHER AUTOMOTIVE Introduce X-881 PRO Wheel Aligner to North American Market

LAUNCHER AUTOMOTIVE, a leading Canadian Advanced Automotive technology company, is proud to announce its collaboration with LAUNCH TECH USA, a major player and manufacturer in the automotive aftermarket equipment sector. Together, they are set to release the much-anticipated X-881 PRO Wheel Aligner, a groundbreaking innovation in wheel alignment technology, in early Q3 2023.

The X-881 PRO Wheel Aligner is the result of a successful partnership between LAUNCHER AUTOMOTIVE and an OE database provider, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver precise and reliable alignment measurements. This new mobile aligner is 2-post lift compatible and provides OE-spec readings, setting a new standard for convenience, accuracy, and efficiency in wheel alignment operations.

Key Features of the X-881 PRO Wheel Aligner:

  1. Mobile Aligner Capability: Technicians can efficiently perform alignments with ease, making it highly convenient for busy automotive service centers.

  2. Compatibility with 2-Post Lifts: Alignments can be done while the vehicle is lifted, eliminating the need for additional equipment or time-consuming adjustments.

  3. Accurate OE-Spec Readings: The X-881 PRO provides readings that are within OE specifications, ensuring alignments are done to the highest standards, just like at the dealership.

"The collaboration with the OE database provider has been crucial to equipping the X-881 PRO with the latest and most accurate alignment data, covering a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Technicians can now perform alignments with confidence, knowing they have access to the most up-to-date information from the original equipment manufacturers," commented Mr. Chadi Abdo, President & CEO of LAUNCHER AUTOMOTIVE.

Beyond its advanced features, the X-881 PRO retains the proven 3D wheel alignment technology that LAUNCHER AUTOMOTIVE is known for, providing precise measurements of camber, caster, toe, and other alignment parameters. The user-friendly interface and intuitive software ensure that technicians can perform alignments with speed and accuracy, improving overall productivity.

At SEMA 2023, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 31 to November 3, 2023, LAUNCH TECH USA and LAUNCHER AUTOMOTIVE will showcase the X-881 PRO Wheel Aligner to North American automotive professionals. This game-changing wheel alignment machine brings unprecedented convenience and performance to any shop.

For more information about the X-881 PRO Wheel Aligner and its advanced features, visit our website at For inquiries, contact us at Don't miss this opportunity to experience the future of wheel alignment technology.

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