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Professional 3D Wheel Aligner

The 3D Wheel Aligner features all-new three-dimension computer visual measurement - an adopted high-performance camera to automatically detect the alignment parameter. The equipment is pre-calibrated at production and thus does not need on-site calibration at installation.

LAUNCHER's 3D series wheel alignment system is for testing wheel parameters and providing references for manufacturer specs. By comparing the two sets of parameters, operators can adjust the vehicle wheel parameters to a reasonable range, ensure the vehicle wheels are in good condition, and avoid unreasonable wear and tear.

🍃 Now Supporting Hybrid & Electric Vehicles 🍃

  • Automatic VIN decoder

  • Wireless VIN scanner included

  • OEM solution for automotive repair information

  • Remote tech support; WIFI enabled

  • 5Gbps transmission bandwidth,

  • USB 3.0 Interface

  • Includes 2 Years software updates

  • 5MP camera with enhanced broad view, meets requirements of extended size vehicles.

  • Adjustable monitor height on beam

  • HP Printer included

  • Seamless operational software

  • Mobile aligner

Operation Manual

Range of Launcher Wheel Aligners

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