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Professional Mobile 3D Wheel Aligner

LAUNCH X-881 PRO is a professional mobile 3D wheel aligner that is based on a user-friendly interface communicating with two smart imaging cameras. 

Announcing the release of a new LAUNCH professional mobile 3D wheel aligner powered by LAUNCHER Canadian Advanced Technologies.

LAUNCH X-881 PRO is equipped with Dynamic Constitute Coordinate (DCC) which is a new revolutionary technology in the wheel alignment industry allowing the LAUNCH X-881 PRO to work on uneven surfaces with variance of 30 degrees. This DCC technology makes the LAUNCH X-881 PRO a mobile wheel aligner. It allows the mechanic to move the aligner and generate alignment reports on different bays, which increases shops’ productivity.

The revolutionary software of LAUNCH X-881 PRO is compatible with 2post lifts and all other lift types. A lucrative function that enables shops to perform easy alignment jobs on 2 post lifts that increases the shop’s revenue without having to invest in a space demanding, budget restraining 4 post or scissor lift. The smart dynamic of this revolutionary software reads and records the initial measurements of loaded suspension of the vehicle on ground. When performing adjustments to the vehicle jacked on the 2-post lift, the adjustments are made to the initial measurements that were recorded when the suspension was loaded on ground and NOT to the hanging suspension in the air.

LAUNCH X-881 PRO is equipped with a VIN decoder that saves time and error selecting the vehicle’s VIN number while matching OE specs provided by OE built in database. LAUNCH X-881 PRO also performs ADAS Pre-calibration wheel alignment jobs according to OE specs.

Freely generates three different types of reports that can be saved, printed or emailed at your convenience.

🍃 Now Supporting Hybrid & Electric Vehicles 🍃

  • Automatic VIN decoder

  • Wireless VIN scanner included

  • OEM solution for automotive repair information

  • Remote tech support; WIFI enabled

  • 5Gbps transmission bandwidth,

  • USB 3.0 Interface

  • Includes 2 Years software updates

  • 5MP camera for extended size vehicles

  • Adjustable monitor height on beam

  • HP Printer included

  • Seamless operational software

  • Mobile aligner

  • Dust cover included

  • Hand-held extra screen (optional)


Range of Launcher Wheel Aligners

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